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questions for bends

Marc Hohl
Hello everyone,

after completing my play for children's choir (finally!), I can now
spend more time
for lilypond. So I'm back at bends - the (few) reactions on my first
attempt were positive,
so I think it is time to go one step further.

At first I thought it would be a good idea to implement a new engraver for
this, but now I am not sure about it.

The pointed slurs in the normal staves look fine the way they are, so there
should be no need for a new engraver.
@Carl: Should there be a new kind of slur #'style property to switch between
normal and pointed slurs?

Concerning the tablature bend arrows, these arrows could be provided as
special markups, so if we provide commands for declaring bends, the
(mis)use of slurs seems to be appropriate.
@Carl: how can these curves be standardized? The bend amount, the arrow
head etc.
should be easily user-defineable.

Finally, to get the collision handling done properly, we can move the
control points of
the slurs accordingly, but this seems quite crude...

Besides the technical details: are there any objections/improvement
wishes to the
design of the bends? The hold-bend line should be dashed and still
isn't, but
apart from that?