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Patch: MultiMeasureRestNumber

Marc Hohl
By working on my play for children's choir and instruments, I discovered
an error:

when you have MusltiMeasureRests and use \compressFullBarRests, the
number of
compressed rests still appears at the beginning of the staff, see for

\version "2.13.5"

stuff = \relative c {
   \repeat percent 3 { c4 d e f g a b c }
   c b a g f e d c

\score {
    \new Voice { \clef "treble_8" \stuff }
    \new TabVoice { \clef "moderntab" \stuff }

The attached patch fixes this.


0003-Tablature-enhancement-MultiMeasureRestNumber.patch.gz (866 bytes) Download Attachment